Welcome to OxaPay

Welcome to the OxaPay Crypto Payment Gateway documentation. OxaPay provides a robust and secure platform for processing cryptocurrency payments, allowing businesses and developers to easily integrate crypto payments into their applications and websites.

What is OxaPay?

OxaPay is a leading crypto payment gateway that enables businesses to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies securely. With OxaPay, merchants can expand their customer base by offering a convenient and efficient payment method that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology.

What is the OxaPay API?

The OxaPay API is a powerful RESTful interface that allows developers to interact with their OxaPay accounts programmatically. It provides a comprehensive set of endpoints and methods to facilitate the creation and management of invoices, retrieval of real-time rate information, and processing of payments. The OxaPay API enables seamless integration of crypto payments into applications, e-commerce platforms, and websites.

Who is this documentation for?

This documentation is designed for developers, merchants, and businesses who wish to integrate OxaPay's crypto payment gateway into their applications or websites. It provides comprehensive information about the OxaPay API, including endpoint descriptions, request, and response examples, and use cases. Whether you are a developer looking to implement crypto payments or a merchant seeking to enhance your payment options, this documentation will guide you through the process of integrating and leveraging OxaPay's powerful crypto payment solutions.

Now that you have an overview of OxaPay and the purpose of this documentation, let's get started by creating an account and generating an API key.

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