Account Balance

This endpoint is used to get details about all wallets related to a user. The response contains a list of currencies with their corresponding amounts.


Request Body

  "result": integer, // The result code indicates the success or failure of the request.
  "message": string, // A message providing additional information about the result.
  "data": object array // An array of objects containing the balances for each currency. Each key is the currency symbol, and its value is the corresponding amount in that currency.

Please note that the response will contain the balance for each currency as a string value. You may need to parse or convert these values to the appropriate data type based on your application's requirements.

Please note that a successful request will return a result code 100. In case of any issues or validation problems, refer to the corresponding result codes for further details.

Example codes

curl -X POST \
     -d 'key=YOUR_PAYOUT_API_KEY'

Now the API key is included in the request body, and you can proceed to use the appropriate code snippet based on your preferred programming language.

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