Creating Static Wallet

You can create a static address in a specific currency and network using this endpoint. The static address will be associated with a unique trackId, and if a callbackUrl is set, your server will be notified of any payments received to that address. This allows you to receive transactions to the static address regardless of the amount and time.


Request Body




Your merchant API key for authentication and authorization.



The URL where payment information will be sent. Use this to receive notifications about payments made to the static address.



The blockchain network on which the static address should be created. If not specified, the default network will be used.



The specific currency for which you want to create a static address.

    "result": integer, // The result code indicates the success or failure of the request.
    "message": string, // A message providing additional information about the result.
    "address": string // The generated static address for the specified currency and network.

Please note that a successful request will return a result code 100. In case of any issues or validation problems, refer to the corresponding result codes for further details.

Example codes

curl -X POST \
  -d '{
    "merchant": "YOUR_MERCHANT_API_KEY",
    "currency": "BTC",
    "callbackUrl": ""

Please note that you need to replace YOUR_MERCHANT_API_KEY with your actual merchant API key in the code snippets.

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