Payout API

What is Payout API?

OxaPay's payout API is a feature that allows users to mass transfer crypto assets to other users automatically. This feature is particularly useful for webmasters.

Internal payout API:

This feature is especially beneficial for webmasters who need to make micropayments to their users. The internal Payout API offers the capability to transfer with zero fees and without any limits.

External payout API:

This feature enables users to automate mass transfers of crypto assets to other users. However, please be aware that this option incurs fees and has limitations on the amount that can be transferred.

Create your account

You need an OxaPay account for managing and saving your crypto assets. You can create your OxaPay account free at this link (Need an email and sign up in less than 1 minute):

Payout API page

On the Payout API page (you can find it in your OxaPay panel menu), you can view the details of your Payout.

Generate your Payout API key

1-Right from the start, I should mention that you need to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for your account to use the payout API.

2-Enter a desired name for your Payout API, which should be between 3 to 30 characters long, in the "Name" field.

3-In the “Allowed IPs for transfer” field you can set some IPs and permit them to transfer. Any request for transfer from other IPs will be failed.

4-The “Total daily transfer limit” field is for more security of your API transfers and if your total daily transfer exceeds this amount, the remained transactions will fail.

5-The “Transfer limit per transaction” field is for more security of your API transfers and transactions with more than this amount will fail.

6-In the “2-FA verification code” field you should enter your 2FA code.

Payment Summary

In this section, you can see the total value of the Payouts transactions for today, this week, this month, and overall.

Payout Statistics

In the " Payouts statistics " section, you can view a chart displaying the payment transactions associated with your Payouts. This chart provides visual information about the Payout activity, allowing you to track and monitor the performance of your Payouts over time.

Your Payout API keys

In "Your Payout API keys " section, you can view the details of your payout API and you can copy the URL of your payout API key or use its QR code. This allows you to easily share the payout API with others.

Please note that the created Payout API are editable, and if any changes are required, you can click on the edit button in “Actions”.

How to create Payout?

You can create your own Payout with the guidance provided in the Creating Payout in the API references.

Your Payout APIs transactions

In " Your Payout APIs transactions" section, you can view the details of your Payout APIs transactions.

Please note that the ‘Invoice amount’ refers to the entered defined amount of the invoice. ,'Amount sent' is the amount paid, and 'Amount received' is the amount paid after deducting the transaction fee.

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