1. Invalid API Key or Inactive Merchant:

- Ensure that you are using the correct API key provided by OxaPay for authentication and authorization.

- Check if your merchant account is active and enabled for API access. If not, contact OxaPay support to resolve the issue.

2. Validating Problem:

- Verify that all required parameters are included in the request and have the correct format.

- Check for any misspelled parameters or incorrect values that might cause validation errors.

3. Invalid Callback URL:

- Ensure that the provided callback URL is a valid and accessible HTTPS URL where OxaPay can send payment notifications.

- Double-check for any typos or missing characters in the callback URL.

4. Invalid Return URL or Failure URL:

- When specifying return URLs or failure URLs, make sure they are valid URLs where the payer will be redirected after a successful or failed payment, respectively.

- Confirm that the URLs are correctly formatted and accessible.

5. Insufficient Balance or Transfer Limits:

- If you encounter errors related to insufficient balance or transfer limits, ensure that your merchant account has sufficient balance to process the payments.

- Verify that the payment amount is within the allowed transfer limits set by OxaPay.

6. Payment Status Not Updated:

- If you do not receive payment status updates or callbacks, check your server's firewall settings to ensure that OxaPay's requests can come through.

- Make sure that your server is accessible over HTTPS to receive callback notifications.

7. Incorrect Currency or Network:

- Ensure that you are using valid currency symbols and network values when making API requests.

- Refer to the documentation or supported currencies/networks endpoint to get the correct values.

8. Rate Limit Exceeded:

- OxaPay has rate limits in place to prevent abuse of the API. If you receive a rate limit error, consider optimizing your API usage or contact OxaPay support for assistance.

9. Callback Signature Validation:

- When receiving webhook notifications, validate the signature of callbacks coming from OxaPay using your API Secret Key. This helps prevent fraudulent activity.

- Check that the HMAC signature in the HTTP header matches the signature generated from the raw POST data using the API Secret Key.

10. Contact OxaPay Support:

- If you encounter any issues or errors that are not covered in this troubleshooting guide, feel free to reach out to OxaPay support for further assistance.

Please note that this is a general troubleshooting guide, and specific issues may require further investigation and support from OxaPay's technical team. It's essential to follow the API documentation and guidelines provided by OxaPay to ensure smooth integration and resolution of any potential issues.

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